Add A Fulfillment Provider
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Follow the below instructions in order to add your drop sipper / fulfillment provider within SellerChamp.

Step 1: Navigate yourself to the manage Fulfillment Providers page.

Click the + Fulfillment Provider Account button to add a new provider.

Step 2: A form filling page will appear.

Name: Any name you would like to give your fulfillment provider

Fulfillment Client ID (optional): Enter one if your supplier has assigned you with a client ID. This information will be sent along with your orders to your drop shipper so that they can recognize the order has been sent by you.

Fulfillment Method: Here you will choose the method in which your orders will be sent to your fulfillment provider / drop shipper

  • Email

  • FTP

  • API

NOTE: Please contact SellerChamp Support if you choose to send and receive order information via FTP or API connection.

Auto-fulfill orders: Currently only available for items to be fulfilled by Deliverr.

Once done, continue to click on the Add Account button to confirm.

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