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Remove Item(s) From Manifest
Remove Item(s) From Manifest

Remove Item(s) From Your SellerChamp Marketplace Manifest.

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Bulk remove items across your selling channels from the SellerChamp marketplace manifest.

Step 1: You can:

  • Select items from the page

  • Select items from all the pages

  • Individually select item(s)

Step 2: Verify the total number of items selected

Step 3: Go into the More Actions drop down menu and from the options, select Remove

A pop up will be displayed with the following options:

Option 1: Remove from SellerChamp inventory: Simply remove it from SellerChamp and from no where else. This means:

  • If the item is in Not Submitted status: the item will completely be removed from SellerChamp

  • If the item is in an Active status: The only will disappear from the SellerChamp inventory for the specific marketplace and from the manifest but will reappear after the midnight refresh

Option 2: End listings on current marketplace: In addition to removing the item from SellerChamp marketplace manifest and inventory, this option will also end the Active listing on the selling channel whose SellerChamp marketplace manifest you're working with.

Option 3: End listings on all linked marketplaces: In addition to removing the item from the SellerChamp marketplace manifest, inventory and the current marketplace for which you are viewing the manifest, it will also end the listing (SKU / Alt SKU) which is listed across all other linked selling channels.

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