Connect Flexport With SellerChamp

Login To SellerChamp And Connect To Deliverr.

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Follow the below step to connect Deliverr within SellerChamp:

Step 1: Navigate to your SellerChamp Settings page and click 'Fulfillment Providers' from the left-hand menu options.

Step 2: Click on the +Fulfillment Provider Account button.

Step 3: On the Add Fulfillment Provider Account page, set the following as below:

  • Name as DELIVERR

  • Fulfillment Client ID as Deliverr

  • Do not select anything under the Fulfillment Method option (leave it as is)

  • Turn on or off the switch to send orders directly to Deliverr for items that have the Fulfillment Service selected as Deliverr

Step 4: Click on the Save Changes button to confirm

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