This article will explain how to setup individual item(s) within SellerChamp to automatically route orders for it, to a specific fulfillment provider.


  • Take a note of the marketplace item's order which you'd like to automatically send to a specific fulfillment service. Example: You might have an item listed across multiple channels and you would like orders for that item to only go to 1 fulfillment service, make sure you are looking at the correct item within the SellerChamp inventory page

  • Make sure that the fulfillment provider is already added within SellerChamp

  • While adding the fulfillment provider within SellerChamp, make sure the Auto-fulfill Orders option is turned on

Let's begin:

Step 1: Locate the item within the SellerChamp inventory.

NOTE: In the below image, we will be setting up automatic fulfillment service for the item on Shopify

Step 2: Click the Edit listing button directly to the right of the item

This will now display the Update Item pop up.

Step 3: Look for the Fulfillment Service option under the Shipping Details section of the Update Item pop up

Step 4: Select your Fulfillment Service for this item and click on the Save / Save & Close button

How to select Deliverr as the fulfillment channel for an existing order?

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