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How To Re-route Awaiting Shipment Orders
How To Re-route Awaiting Shipment Orders

Manually Select The Fulfillment Service For An Order.

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This article will explain the steps for routing a Awaiting Shipment order to a specific Fulfillment Provider.


  • The Fulfillment Provider needs to be already added within SellerChamp

  • The order is supposed to be in Awaiting Shipment status

Follow the below steps to manually re-route an item order to a specific Fulfillment Service.

Step 1: Navigate and locate the item order within the SellerChamp Orders screen

Step 2: Make sure the order is in Awaiting Shipment status

Step 3: Beside the Fulfillment By option, Click to set

The Set Fulfillment Provider pop up will be displayed

Step 4: Under the Fulfillment By drop down, select the Fulfillment Service you'd like to route the order to

Step 5: Click on the Save button to apply the change

SellerChamp will now re-route the order to the newly selected Fulfillment service

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