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Free Normal Shipping And Flat Cost For Expedited
Free Normal Shipping And Flat Cost For Expedited

Offer Free Shipping And Expedited Shipping Service With Flat Cost

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Free shipping can be offered for one type of shipping service and a fee can be charged for a different service for the same item.


Free shipping for standard shipping and flat rate for expedited.

Once again, free shipping can only be offered for the following charge types:

  • Flat - Same cost to all buyers

  • Freight

  • Flat freight

In the below example:

  • For item shipping weight less than pound

  • Offer Economy Shipping (1 to 10 business days) as free

  • Offer Expedited Shipping (1 to 3 business days) with a charge

Step 1: On the first line select shipping service you will be offering as free

Step 2: Check the Free Shipping box under the first line

Step 3: Add a new line

Step 4: Select shipping weight less than pound

Step 5: Select the service you'd like to charge for the same item weight

Your item(s) with shipping weight less than a pound will now display 2 shipping options to your customers:

  • One shipping service for free

  • The other one chargeable

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