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Bulk Update Min And Max Price
Bulk Update Min And Max Price

Use The csv File To Update Min And Max Price Within SellerChamp Inventory.

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Step 1: Download the Inventory Full Report csv file

This file will have a detailed information of all your items within the marketplace. Each column in the file will have specific details.

To download the Full report you may click on download>download product report>full report >select all entities or the once you require

You will find the downloaded report under reports tab at the top , from there you may download the report on your computer.

Step 2: Within the file, match the SKU row and update the min and max price

Once the min and max price for your items have been added, simply leave the below columns:

  • SKU

  • Min Price

  • Max Price

Remaining columns can be removed if you are not updating anything from there.

Step 3: Within your SellerChamp inventory page, click on the More Actions button and select the Upload Product Data Updates option

You will view a Upload Products pop-up.

Proceed with clicking the Choose File button. Select your file that was saved on your local computer

Select the marketplace on which the bulk update for items will be applied and click on the Upload button to confirm.

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