Check For SKU Mismatches

Understanding SKU Mismatches For Items Between SellerChamp Inventory and Deliverr Inventory.

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When you add an additional channel to Deliverr, it automatically imports the product catalog from the new channel into our system.

What is a product catalog?

  • Deliverr Catalog: This is the list of items you see when logged into the Deliverr portal, under the Inventory section

  • Channel Catalog: The channel catalog is the list of items that a connected channel has available for shipping

What happens when a new item from a channel catalog is imported?

Deliverr will check to make sure that the item SKU across both the catalogs are the same.

  • If there is a matching Deliverr item, then the channel product will be directly connected to the Deliverr product and no new Deliverr product will be created

  • If there is no matching eligible Deliverr product, the new channel product will create a new Deliverr product and be linked to that product

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