Step 1: From the SellerChamp home page, click on the Settings option from the right-hand side top corner

Step 2: From the left-hand menu options, click on Account Setup

Select the Printer Type as Zebra. This will display a pop-up with instructions:

Make sure you download and install the Zebra Browser Print program. Below are the links:

Windows: Zebra Browser Print Download for Windows

Mac: Zebra Browser Print Download for MAC

Once the installation is completed, click on the Print Test Label button. If the orientation of the label is not centered, make sure:

  • The label roll is fed correctly into the printer

  • Set the Left and Top offsets to adjust the margins.

For example, if the text printing way off to the left, set the Left Offset to -150, click the 'Save Changes', and print the test label again. Examine the label and adjust margins as needed.

Once everything is printing as desired, click on the Save Changes button.

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