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Walmart FBM Shipping Templates
Walmart FBM Shipping Templates
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This article only covers details about shipping and shipping templates for FBM items.

This article does not cover shipping and shipping templates for items to be fulfilled by Walmart

If you are an existing seller migrating from Global shipping settings, the Global Shipping settings will be found under the Default Shipping Template, after the migration is complete.

New sellers will start configuring the shipping settings within the Default Shipping Template - This is assigned to the entire catalog - cannot be deleted

To offer a few more shipping options to a group of items within the inventory, sellers can setup up to 15 custom shipping templates.

Login to Walmart seller center > General Settings > Shipping Profile > Shipping Templates

Click the + New Template button

Add a name to the shipping template - Up to 25 characters

Select the shipping rate model

  • by weight of the order

  • by price of the order

There are 3 different shipping methods that can be configured in a template:

Value - Remains always on

Free shipping - is only offered to 48 states - street - Transit time can only be between 6 & 7 days

Standard - Can be disabled

Can only select 3 to 5 days of transit time

Can add multiple shipping rules depending on the region.


  • 48 States - Street - 3 Days transit time - Free shipping

  • AK and HI - PO Box - 5 Days transit time - $ 5.00 per order & $ 10.00 per pound

NOTE: Sellers get Buy Box priority if they offer Free Shipping & 3 Day transit time as standard

TwoDay - Can be disabled

Seller has to be approved by Walmart - Click here to learn more

For expedited 2 day shipping


  • 48 States - Street - 2 Days - Free shipping

So as a suggestion in get the buy box priority:

  • For regions close to them, they can setup a template > Select the near by regions > offer 3 day free shipping

  • For all other regions (far away regions), they can select 4 or 5 days as transit time

Next step is to assign the entire Walmart inventory to the shipping template of given number of SKUs using xlsx file upload on Walmart directly

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