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Search Filters: Inventory & Manifest
Search Filters: Inventory & Manifest
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You can use the SC search filters within the inventory or manfest page to easily view/edit an individual or group of products.

Use the Filters to search for items based on any combination of criteria you specify. For example, you can view all items:

  • matching specified Quantity, Price, Item condition

  • belonging to a specific Marketplace Account

  • based on the Product type - Single, Variation, or Bundle listings

  • at a specific location and more.

You can specify as many or as few criteria as you want. The search returns all items/listings that match all the criteria you entered.

The search filters along with the conditions make it even easier to locate the listings.

After you have entered your criteria, click the Search button. The results of the search appear instantly giving you the ability to update one or more products at a time by selecting listings and clicking More Actions.

There might be a few filters missing at the manifest level. Can't find one for your workflow? Reach out to us via chat and we will find you a way out!

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