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Creating Variation Listings on Walmart
Creating Variation Listings on Walmart

Step by step instructions on how to create a brand new variation listing on Walmart.

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Creating a variation listing is much like listing a single item listing. However, with channels like Walmart, you will need to make sure the variant information is sent correctly to Walmart for it to be published.

SellerChamp offers two quick methods of creating brand new variation listings on Walmart: 1) from the UI 2) via CSV file upload.

Method 1:

Manually creating the variations from the UI:

Step 1: Add items to the Walmart Batch - To create a variation listing you have to start with the product itself. Since the variant attributes/options ( ex: color, size) solely depend on the item category, you will need to make sure the correct category has been assigned to the product.

Step 2: Once you have the product ready, click on the options button next to the listing and select view/edit variants from the dropdown. You will get the variants pop up on your screen, from where you have to click on Add variants.

Step 3: Based on the category you have assigned to the product, SellerChamp will automatically display the variant options that are valid on Walmart.

You can select the respective option from the drop-down and enter the corresponding value next to it. Walmart allows up to 4 variant options within the same listing so you can add multiple options by clicking on the Add options button. Once done, click on save options and then proceed to add the variants to the product.

Simply click on Add to manually add the variants one by one or click on Add all for SellerChamp to auto-populate the variants based on the options you have entered above.

Step 4: The variants will be populated right below where you will get the option to update the price, quantity, UPC, and other pertinent information for that variant.

Once done, click on save & close. You will now see the product itself has a variant count badge on it and clicking the same will open the variant modal for you.
This confirms that you're all set now to submit the product to Walmart from this batch.


  • You should ensure that each variant has a different UPC because Walmart won't accept variants that don't have a unique UPC.

  • Although the items will be submitted as variations, Walmart may still decide to show them as non-variation listings.

  • Do not change the item category after setting up the variants. This may result in getting the variants removed from the product and will require re-setup.

  • You will also notice that all the variant SKUs will have the parent SKU attached to them as a prefix on the Walmart dashboard.

Method 2:
Create variation listings in bulk via CSV file upload:

Please use the below-attached variation template and upload it to a Walmart batch to create a variation listing.


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