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eBay Strike-Through Pricing
eBay Strike-Through Pricing

Learn how to use eBay's Strike-Through Pricing option in SellerChamp

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eBay's Strike-Through Pricing option allows merchants to show buyers their listings have been discounted in price, by "striking" a line through the List Price of an item on sale. Buyers will see the amount of money saved in the listing along with a new Buy It Now price.

Enabling Strike-Through Pricing

Before you can use the Strike-Through Pricing in SellerChamp, you must get approved by eBay to participate in eBay’s Strike-Through Pricing Program.

Once you have been approved by eBay, SellerChamp will use the MSRP entered in your products as the List Price in eBay that will be stricken-through, and the Price entered in your products will populate the "Retail Price" in eBay.

You will then see your new discounted prices in eBay.

You can also bulk upload the strike through price by using MSRP column in the SellerChamp Upload Template.

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