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Delete products in bulk via CSV upload.
Delete products in bulk via CSV upload.

Step by step instructions on how to delete items in bulk using a CSV upload.

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Via the CSV file upload method inside SellerChamp, you can bulk delete your items from any marketplace or SellerChamp or both, the marketplace and SellerChamp. Here’s how you can do it.

How to Bulk delete listings?

Step 1

You need to grab the SKUs that you want to delete in bulk. On the “Products page” inside SellerChamp, you can download a report with all your SKUs. Click on "Download" and on "Download product report"

You should have a pop-up, click on a full report, check on the SKUs checkbox (as we only need SKUs), and click on submit.

This way you will have all your SKUs in the file. From the file please ensure to keep the SKUs you want to delete.

Step 2

Once the file with all the SKUs is ready, add these columns accordingly from the format below.

1. If you want to delete the items only from the marketplace, keep the "Delete listing" and "End listing" columns from the format below

2. If you want to delete items from SellerChamp and the marketplace, Keep all the columns from the format below

3. If you want to delete the items only from SellerChamp, Keep the “Delete on SellerChamp” Column alone from the format below

Please note that the value, “y” stands for yes and it is added against each SKU under the respective columns as shown in the screenshot below.

Step 3

This is the most important step. Once the file the ready, it has to be uploaded to the Products page to execute the deletion of the listings in the file.

On the “Products Page” inside SellerChamp, click on “More actions” and then on “Bulk update products”

You should now have a pop-up to upload the CSV file. Click on “upload CSV file” Here you can also choose the marketplace from which you want to delete the items. Once this is done. Click “Submit”

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