Error: eBay Seller Limit Reached

Are You Getting An Error That You've Reached Your Seller Limits On eBay?

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eBay Seller Limit Reached


This is a very common error with new sellers or seller who list a lot of quantities of items,resulting in their seller limits being reached.


There are some ways around this particular issue.

The first thing you can do is under your eBay Settings in SellerChamp, you can assign a smaller number to the Max. Quantity to List.
This indicates the maximum quantity to list, while submitting the manifest to eBay.

Let's say you have 100 quantity of an item.
If you've assigned 5 as the Max. Quantity to List (as shown in the picture) when you add those 100 quantities into the manifest, only 5 will actually be listed to eBay, keeping the other 95 in reserve.
As those 5 start to sell, quantities from the reserve will increase the number listed on eBay back to 5.
This will continue until the remaining quantities are sold out.
This can help maintain seller limits, as well as drive sales. [buyers will think the item is selling quicker as the supply is less, and will order more]

The second option is that you will need to contact eBay and see if they will raise your selling limits.
NOTE: You will not be allowed to list anymore items while your limits are maxed.
In the event your limits are raised, you can resubmit the items to eBay, as the system will not auto-attempt to relist for you.

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