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Warning: UNPUBLISHED, Primary Image Missing
Warning: UNPUBLISHED, Primary Image Missing

This Is A Walmart Specific Error.

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Warning: UNPUBLISHED, Primary Image Missing


There are 2 reasons why this error might show up for a listing.

  • Reason 1: Your Walmart listing does not have any images, and you need to add them.

  • Reason 2: Your Walmart listing has images, but you're still seeing this error. Unfortunately SellerChamp cannot get around the error if that is what Walmart is sending us. It is not a real error message, just an oddity on Walmart's side.


  • Resolution 1: If your Walmart listing lacks images, add those images and the error should be resolved.

  • Resolution 2: If your Walmart listing already has images, then you'll need to re-vise the listing on Walmart to get the error message to go away. You may have to do this a few times by clicking the Save Changes on the Edit Listings page for the Walmart listing.

This is what Walmart has to say about it:

"To ensure that we are in agreement with the manufacturer's information, we require UPC documentation in order to fulfill your request. Please provide the following information for us to review:

  • The product ID

  • The field(s) that are incorrect (e.g., description, key features, image)

Why this field is incorrect? What this field should be replaced with?

A direct link to the manufacturer’s site that displays the UPC and product/pack information


An image of the product, with the product’s title and UPC in clear view.

Keep in mind that content changes will only be made if the content is misleading or negatively impact a customer's experience."

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