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Can I import my listings from TurboLister?
Can I import my listings from TurboLister?

This articles explains how you can import your TurboLister listings into SellerChamp and list them on eBay.

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Moving away from TurboLister but don't want to lose your TurboLister templates? We've got you covered. Simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Download your TurboLister templates that you have not yet listed on eBay. SellerChamp automatically imports your active listings directly from eBay so no need to worry about those.

  2. Update the column mappings so that they match the SellerChamp column names. The SellerChamp template can be downloaded by clicking this link. SellerChamp simply ignores any unmatched column names so no need to remove them from the file.

  3. Follow this article 'Bulk Upload Item into a Manifest using CSV File' to upload the file into SellerChamp and list your items on eBay.

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